Rotorua - Taupo 100km flyer

Last weekend the CGK headed down to ride in the Rotorua to Taupo flyer.

We had planned on training for the event and started strong with some good rides. Loops out through some of Auckland’s meaner suburbs and some solid pacing through town left us semi prepared, but leading up to the event the intensity of training definitely dropped off.

The drive down was pretty awesome. There were quite a few other bike laden cars, but no sign-written team rigs. Other than ours, cheah.

We got down to Rotorua and checked into our high end accommodation where Hi Kenny kept watch from his bunk. Thanks to his steely gaze none of the gear went missing overnight.

In the morning we rolled up to the start line in the new kits, and in pretty average weather conditions. The rain set in and it was freezing leaving the start.

Along the ride we had our two rad support car drivers Laffie and Jose making sure we maintained maximum swag during the race.

Crossing the finish line in a 5-wide pack was pretty awesome. Completing 100km fixed as a group is definitely a good feeling.

We spent the night in Taupo, relaxed in the thermal hotpools and grabbed a meal before kickin it for a second night in a backpackers.

On Sunday we headed back to the 09 stopping by Huka Falls along the way.

A rad weekend with an awesome crew. I’ll be back next year for sure.

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